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Vicolo Colombina is...

A different locale, a place of conviviality and sociability, warm, friendly.

This is Vicolo Colombina.
Not a restaurant, not a wine bar, not a tavern but all of these things together. In a small alley in old Bologna, a few steps from Piazza Maggiore in the heart of the city, lies this establishment that is proposed as a reference point for those seeking genuine and sincere cooking, a personal wine list and at the same time a convivial atmosphere, simple and elegant, with a friendly, hospitable service.

Sommelier Gianni Fruzzetti | Chef. Max Poggi                  

Our supervisor of proposed dishes is Massimiliano Poggi, a highly experienced chef, well known and appreciated in town. At Vicolo Colombina, Massimiliano Poggi brings the best of the culinary art with the service of tradition, while respecting the raw material and the seasonality that characterizes its cuisine, with short cooking time to enhance the characteristics of the products, and with an excellent quality/price.

Vicolo Colombina focuses on recreating the homely atmosphere of the trattorias of the past, where you find warmth and desire in one place.

Because Vicolo Colombina is a meeting place, to find oneself, to eat well, to enjoy a very special wine, to chat in a place that knows how to combine simplicity and taste, sophistication and respect for honest flavors.

Menù and wine list

Top grade products


A basic menu, honest food, no frills, with carefully selected products, high quality, simple but carefully matched; the excellence that has made the cuisine of Bologna and Emilia Romagna international are in fact reinterpreted to give the best of themselves, to enhance and bring out the wonderful gastronomic traditions and specialties that characterize this area.

Il menù di Vicolo Colombina


Wine cellar

Vicolo Colombina has a truly exceptional wine cellar, which dates back to 1200. In the restructuring of the locale, the winery has not been touched, with the intention to preserve the ideals of the environment, for the rest of the wines. Gianni, the sommelier, chooses them carefully and presents them with conviction and passion as one who deeply loves his job, particularly skilled in pairing wine with the dishes that the chef offers.

La Carta dei vini

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We are open:

Closed Tuesdays


From Sunday to Thursday

Dinner: 19:00-22:30

From Friday to Saturday
Lunch: 12:00-14:30

Dinner: 19:00-23:00

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About us

segnalato sulla guida ristoranti del Gambero Rosso 2015
de l'Espresso 2016 
del Touring Club Italiano 2016
del sole 24 ore 2016
del mangiarozzo 2016
da Colazione da Tiffany 2015
da Bibenda Sommelier 2016 
da il Golosario 2015                                                                                                                                                                                   da Michelin 2016

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Where we are:

Vicolo Colombina of Massimiliano Poggi

Vicolo Colombina, 5/B
40123 Bologna, Italy

Access to the historical center is restricted to cars with permission for LTZ and electric cars.

Parking lots:
For non-residents the most convenient parking is on Viale Enrico Panzacchi - behind the Tribunal. This is a 10 minute walk from Vicolo Colombina..